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Traditionally, PLCs is widely used in designing and building of industrial equipements. This method is not the most cost effective when building equipments that are produced in higher volumn. With our product family in motion control modules and IO modules, We help equipment designers to design and build their own Single Board Controller for their new machines. With our ODM service, we are also able to provide One-Stop solution from design to production.

What is System-On-Board Controller Solution?

Our System-On-Board solution is to design and build a Single Board Solution for equipment from concept or prototype built from PLCs. Based on our Motion Control Modules, Opto IO Module and iQu Platform, we are able to achieve fast development time without compromising reliability and performance.


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System on Board Controller

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Comparision Between System-On-Board Solution and Traditional Design Approach:

  System-On-Board Solution Traditional PLC based Solution  
Physical Dimension
Single Board Solution.
Neat and Tidy.
Suitable for Small Equipements
PLCs are bulky in general.
Not suitable for small equipment like desktop equipments
Low in volumn production
Easy production because less wiring
High in volumn production
Prone to error due to much more wiring
Protection of Intellectual Property
Strong Protection against copy
Difficult to reverse engineering
Weak Protection against copy
Easy to reverse engineering because wiring is easy to decipher
User Interaction
Very Good because HMI is PC based
Can be tablet based to have best touch interaction
PLC HMI has limited options
Poor user experience
High cost
Information Processing
Powerful capability to process information
Plenty of resource online
Internet and "Cloud" ready
Weak in information processing
Weak in networking capability
weak in "Cloud"
Easy and Fast Easy and Fast  



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