iMOTO Multifunctional Motor Controller  
The iMOTO Multifunctional motor controller family is versatile and able to drive all of our motors and actuators. It is designed based on our iQu platform so that it makes building motion control and robotic system never easier. iMOTO supports industrial standard MODBUS communication. Its built-in RF communication capability eleminate the need of wiring in distributed motor control applications. Its dual-motor-mode makes it perfect for building mobile robot and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).
  • Operating voltage from 24V to 220V
  • Operating current from 3A to 80A
  • Configurable by iQu software
  • Closed-loop speed and position control
  • MODBUS over RS485/RS422 communicaton
  • Option of wireless communication (RC232, Zigbee, Wireless MBUS, KNX, TinyMesh)
  • Able to driver DC Motor, Brushless Motor, Stepper Motor, Linear actuators
  • Able to interface with PLC or PC.
  • Customization is possible
  • Typical Motor Characteristic:
    Part No iMOTO-0 iMOTO-1 iMOTO-2 iMOTO-3 iMOTO-4    
    Operating Voltage (V)
    8-50 8-27 8-50 8-200 12-310    
    Continous Current (A)
    2.8 10 40 40 10    
    Number of DC brushed Motor
    2 2          
    Number of Brushless Motor
    1 1          
    Number of Stepper Motor
    1 1          
    Number of Linear Actuator
    2 2          
    Number of Encoder Channel
    2 2          
    Number of Digital Input
    4 4          
    Number of Analog Input
    2 2          
    Communication MODBUS RS485/RS422 MODBUS RS485/RS422          
    Yes Yes          
    Technical Data

    iMOTO in the winning race car @ Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2015

    Drive Mitsuba Eco Car Racing Motor by iMOTO

    Application Information:
    iMOTO Brochure
    iMOTO User Guide
    Download iQu Configuration Utility (Version 20150407)
    Selection of Motor and Actuators