FIRA MiroSot Robot Soccer Game

How is Robot Soccer Game Played (FIRA MiroSot)

FIRA MiroSot Robot Soccer Game
The robot soccer game that iSoccerBot is designed for is called MiroSot. It is started and organized by FIRA (The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) from Korea, which saw its first international championship held in 1996 KAIST Korea.

There are other robot soccer game like humanoid robot soccer, Robocup robot soccer. Most of the robot soccer games are either too slow or discontinuous, or overly complex to operate.  FIRA MiroSot is by far the fastest, competitive and most exciting to watch.

Robot Soccer Game Video (FIRA World Cup 2011 Final)

The Game Setup

The robot soccer system consists of robot players, RF transmitters, machine vision cameras and game computer.  iSoccerBot system includes all the parts so the game-play-strategy is what the programmer need to focus in. 

soccer robot system architecture


FIRA Mirosot Setup

FIRA Mirosot Playfield and Its Set Up


FIRA 2011

Team Members Watching The Game Nervously



FIRA 2011

Audience watching the game


Game Rules:
Like the human soccer game, the objective of the game is to score goals against your opponent team. The game is played in small league (3 vs 3), middle league (5 vs 5) and large league (11 vs 11).

The game computer is the brain of the team and controls the movement of all the robot players

The robot players are wheel based and they score the goal by pushing the orange golf ball into the opponent goal area. There is no restrictions to how the goal is scored and how the team is defending, except not to violate the following rules
1. Over Defending: Not more than THREE robot players (including goal keeper) are allowed in your own penalty area. Violation will result in penalty kick.
2. Charging Goalkeeper: The goal score is only valid when the opponent goal keeper is not pushed any offending players during the scoring attempt.


Yes, like the real soccer game, the robot soccer game requires a referee. While whistling the game, the referee may give goal kick, free kick or penalty kick when necessary. The game referee is a qualified human being.

FIRA 2011 referee

Free Kick:
If the ball is stuck (stop moving) due to whatever reason, the referee will call a Free Kick at the nearest free kick spot. Free Kick allows one robot form each side to run towards the ball from a equal distance. It is a little like the jump ball of basketball game.

Goal Kick:
If the goal keeper is pushed by the other team, the referee will call for goal kick. A defender robot will kick the ball without interference.

Penalty Kick:
Penalty kick is one on one. The rest of the robots will wait outside the penalty area.

There are other rules like time-out call or free kick under dead ball situation. You may find details in FIRA Mirosot Robot Soccer Rules.

Length of Game:
The game consists of two half time, with 5 minutes for each half. Any stoppage time is not counted in the game time.


iSoccerBot Robot

Robot Specification:
The robot player must conform the following specifications
1. Size: Not bigger than 75mmX75mm.
2. Color ID: The robot must carry color ID that is contain BLUE or YELLOW color.
3. Dribbling coup: If the robot is equipped with dribbling scoop, the depth of the scoop should be more than 30% of the golf ball diameter
iSoccerBot Robot Soccer System (FIRA MiroSot)

iSoccerBot System Components

iSoccerBot System:

iNOVA Microsystems launches iSoccerBot system in 2011 to help to make FIRA MiroSot game more accessible to all the educational institute and general public.

Playfield for the game:
The games is playing in playfield (soccer pitch), whose physical dimensions is specified in the FIRA Mirosot Robot Soccer Rules.


Together with the launch of iSoccerBot system, iNOVA Microsystems participated the follow competitions in 2011 and won all the championship titles

  • Singapore Robotic Game 2011: Champion of MiroSot
  • FIRA World Cup 2011: Champion of MiroSot
  • IROC 2011 MiroSot Invitational Cup: Champion

SRG2011 MiroSot TrophySingapore Robotic Games 2011 MiroSot Champion TrophyFIRA 2011 MiroSot Trophy

FIRA World Cup 2011 MiroSot Champion Trophy

Success Story of Our Customers

Since the launch of iSoccerBot, customers that were using our system were able to concentrate on strategy development and perform well in regional and international robot soccer arena.

  • 2013 Malaysia Cup Champion: UKM
  • 2013 FIRA World Cup Champion: UKM
  • 2013 Singapore Robotic Game Mirosot Champion: ITE College Central
  • 2013 FIRA World Cup 1st Runner Up: ITE College Central
  • 2014 Malaysia Cup Champion: UKM
  • 2014 FIRA World Cup Champion: PSP Malaysia
  • 2015 Singapore Robotic Game Mirosot Champion: ITE College West

We will continue to post technical articles about FIRA MiroSot in the area of system operation, how to design the strategy and how to implement them in the software. Please like our Facebook page to stay updated.

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